The Lost Book Of Remedies


I am 61 years old live in the U.K and have spent most of my life researching Health, and Alternative medicines. Basically because I have suffered over the years with quite a few health issues from High Blood Pressure, Diabetes type2, Fatigue, allergies and IBS.

Alterative and complimentary medicines, and Herbalism they all fascinate me as they can aid in Pain relief give more energy and provide better sleep, I can bare witness to this statement, as I have been cured of most of my ailments through Alternative therapies.

My aim for this blog is to search for Alternative therapies, and herbal alternatives, that can aid and cure chronic diseases, and minor and severe ailments.

So may I introduce you to my first brilliant find “The Lost Book Of Remedies”

Introduced by Dr Nicole Apelian (undergraduate Degree McGill University. Masters at University of Oregon and a P.H.D. at Prescott College Arizona) a Herbalist who has studied plants and natural remedies for the last 20 years.

The Lost Book of Remedies is designed with a noble purpose to help the people to find a natural solution for their diseases. It can be a blessing for all those who are unable to bear the treatment costs.

The author has collected all the natural ingredients and remedies used by our ancestors to live a long and healthy life. Many of these natural remedies can be grown in your backyard.

click here to find out more

I hope you enjoy, and I welcome your feedback.

Published by healthandwellness1234

61 years old living in the UK, spent all my life seeking alternative therapies and medicines

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